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The official search app of Yahoo

  • Nice user interface
  • Intuitive controls
  • Ease of use
  • Incorrect location search
  • Glitchy widget
  • Slow results

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"The Power Of The Yahoo Universe"


Yahoo Search puts the power of Yahoo in the palm of your hand. This app allows you to quickly browse the web, search for nearby businesses, and much more. When you need information or results in a flash, the official Yahoo Search app may be for you.


The minimalist and clean user interface is inviting and easily navigable. The swipe controls were responsive and made for an intuitive ease of use. The menu colors and map design were also well-done. The search results were often accurate and relevant. Yahoo mail is also integrated.


During one search it brought up restaurant locations one town over. Why can't we install it on a memory card? The widget didn't function on one occasion. It might be a little slower to show results than some competitors.

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by William

Jul 31, 2015

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