Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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    Whether caused by government virus research gone wrong or due to the end of days, the zombie apocalypse is coming. Now with this application, you will be armed with the knowledge to confront the hordes of mindless beings bent on tasting your brains. This application contains three entire classic works which could save your life. USMC Infantry Squad Tactics will give you the skills to develop your team, conduct an effective defense, and channelize the walking dead into kill zones for effective disposal. When your small arms ammunition supplies run low, the USMC Close Combat Manual will give you the knowledge you need to execute the up close personal work needed to dispatch the undead with knives, bayonets, and blunt weapons. Finally, the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Handbook will help you decontaminate survivors based on close contact with zombie body fluids, or in the event the military employs nuclear weapons to "contain" the outbreak. A fantastic application, you even save 66% if you bought these individually. Make sure you turn up your phone when you open the application!!!

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