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    Aproov Checkout is a mobile advertising service from Aproov that lets businesses publish deals to smartphones, lets customers reserve coupons and allows businesses to process (redeem) the coupons at the checkout using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. No barcodes or QR codes need to be scanned and no additional hardware is required. Every coupon code generated is unique and can only be used by one customer.

    With Aproov's mobile app for customers and Aproov Checkout for businesses, you can offer your customers a top notch mobile deal service and process mobile coupons in real-time at the checkout or point of sales. With Aproov Checkout, you get the following:

    * Publish deals and mobile coupons to smartphones and tablets
    * Every coupon code is unique and allows you to track customers and deals
    * Scales from use in a kiosk to a large business like Walmart
    * Coupon codes are sent directly to every checkout at the store where a deal will be redeemed
    * Award loyalty points to customers and then offer deals that require points in order to get repeat customers
    * Offer fixed price or discount deals
    * Upload slideshows of product images
    * Publish unlimited deals
    * Provide detailed info about your business: products/services, business hours, locations, phone numbers
    * Publish thumbnail images of your deals or use your company logo
    * Publish deals under highly defined product/service categories
    * Integrate Aproov's mobile deals and coupon processing into your own mobile app to provide a more customized solution for your customers
    * LOW COST solution. Outbeats Google, Groupon, Facebook and others.
    * Guranateed or your money back - no questions asked!

    Until September 31, 2012, the first 1000 businesses to sign up receive one full year of the service FREE of charge. Receive an additional 6 months for referring Aproov Checkout to another business. HURRY NOW BEFORE THE OFFER EXPIRES!

    For more information about Aproov Checkout, visit:

    Customers use Aproov's mobile app to browse and search for deals, reserve coupons, download apps and chat in private chat groups. You can download Aproov's mobile app at:

    or from Aproov's app store:

    NOTE: Most of the images shown here are from Aproov's mobile illustrating how the customer browses for deals and redeems a coupon. Only one image is actually from the Aproov Checkout app that shows how the coupon is redeemed at the checkout.

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