Baby Registry LootList



Make a Baby Registry like no other; when you make your list, it automatically finds the best price on the Internet for each item you add! Of course you can build and manage as many Baby Registries as you wish. Of course you can search or use the barcode scanner to scan your favorite products to add them to your list. Of course you can share your list with your friends and family. But what separates this Baby Registry manager from everyone else is it leverages the power of LootTap to make sure the people who buy items on your list are getting the best bargains and prices on the Internet!

It’s simple:

1. Search or scan the barcode of your favorite items
2. Name and share your new list
3. Your friends and family can fulfil your wishes while knowing they got the best bargain on the Internet, thanks to the power of LootTap!

- Build and manage Baby Registries
- Search and add products
- Scan barcodes to add products
- Build as many Baby Registries as you would like
- Remove old Baby Registries at any time
- Remove and add products to your Baby Registries at any time

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