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This program show your location and location near you selected stores (LCBO, Beerstore, Tim HORTONS, McDonalds, KFC, SubWay, Wine Rack, Wine Shop, Winners and HomeSense). Application show on the map stores and distance between you and stores. You can press on store and you will get address of store and make a call.
Application can work in online and offline mode. In online mode you can see on map your position and stores positions( and you can switch your screen to list mode and see sorted list of stores near you). In offline mode (List mode) you need just GPS on. You can see sorted stores near you.

For a moment you can choose 9 (around 9000 POI) types of stores. Other stores coming soon.

Why my app?
1. If you don't have data plane or WiFi, just you need GPS on, in list mode you still will get nearest stores. It can save money even you have data plane but you out of "your Zone".
2. You can download at home (or WiFi hotspot) in cash (automatically) map thru WiFi.
3. In My app. so many stores, which give you multiple choice (between different stores) to select nearest or better for you.
4. You can make call to your store and get some addition information.

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