Car Buying Coach





    I’m currently in the car business at the time of writing this application, so I wish to remain anonymous for now. I have been in the car business for about 10 years and I held every title to include sales professional, sales manager, general sales manager, and finance director. I am creating this application to give the auto consumer the correct information before making a purchase decision. I have made a lot of money over the years in this business, but now, like so many before me, I have grown a conscience and I feel that the everyday consumer is getting taken advantage of. Instead of just quitting, I want to do something about it. The things I’m going to talk about in this app will include but not be limited to are:

    · Retail Price
    · Invoice Price
    · Dealer Hold Back
    · Dealer Cash
    · Customer Cash
    · Rebates
    · Incentivized Rates
    · Trade in Value for your current car
    · How to negotiate the best deal for yourself
    · How to get the best interest rate
    · What to look out for in the Finance Office
    · Dealer Scams to watch out for

    I’m going to take you into the psychology of the sale from the dealer’s point of view so you can have the upper hand when time comes to negotiate and Save Thousands! I’m going to teach you the “steps of the sale” from the sales person’s point of view so you can easily recognize when you are “being sold.” By the time you finish going through this app, you will be able to battle with the best sales people and sales managers out there!