Cuech is a free, fun and simple android app featured with combined fashion search, recommendation and social functions.

Based on social graph, Cuech provides personalized search(patents pending) for your dream clothing, shoes, accessories and fragrance from major stores.

Search your favorite fashion brands and items. Get a list of items available in various stores with prices and deals. Bookmark them for your convenience. Recommend and share to Facebook or Twitter. Follow your fashion gurus, you will be inspired for your next shopping trip!


- Anonymous visit or login with your Facebook/Twitter account.
- Personalized search for your favorite brands and items with prices and deals.
- Search results ordered according to your predicted personal fashion tastes.
- Refine search results according to your selected stores and price ranges.
- Rate a fashion item depending whether you like or dislike it.
- Bookmark a fashion item for later reference.
- Share recommendations with friends on Facebook/Twitter.
- Follow people with same fashion tastes as you.
- Multiple pictures are provided for an item. Tap on a picture to get a larger view.
- Access web view of an item from a selected store.