E Lottery




    "Tianyi Fucai" Guangdong Welfare Lottery Issuing Center in cooperation with China Telecom Guangdong launched an anonymous, full-line lottery sales, it is a collection of mobile phone betting, automatic payments, automatic Duijiang and information into one interactive query type of lottery services. Opening of the business users anywhere can buy China Welfare Lottery, including ball, 36 select 7, Lucky 1,26 5,3 D and other options. Business using a simple, safe and convenient payment.
    Tianyi Fucai business mobile phone users to Guangdong Telecom Tianyi open, the user need to network more than three months and no arrears to the net during the opening. Post-paid subscribers can purchase the prize money to pay your phone bill, credit limit of 50 yuan / month, lottery payments in monthly phone bills to reflect; for a higher amount of lottery, can buy recharge to the operating room or Easy top-paid payment cards account. Pre-paid subscribers to the operating room must be paid or purchase prepaid recharge card payment easy to account, then lottery.