Easy Shopping List



Easy Shopping List is an easy-to-use app to create and manage you shopping lists!

You can:

* Create as many shopping lists as you want;
* Add as many products you want to each list in two ways:
- Quick Add mode, just typing a product name and tapping add button;
- Advanced Add mode with the possibility to add also quantity, unit of measure and price. Long tap add product button to show this mode!;
* Mark and unmark each product with a simple tap;
* Edit and Delete products and/or shopping lists with long tap;
* Look at the total at the bottom of each list. You can get total of marked products, unmarked, and total of both;
* Sort your products by marked or unmarked

Easy Shopping List is a great tool to manage your shoppings in a friendly and quick way!

Get the PRO version to get the possibility to Share your lists and products, and to remove ads!


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