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    This product has been replaced by:

    The O'Bryan Corporation is no longer in business (I've decided the headache of maintaining a tiny corporation is more than I care for), so I have moved Food Mill to a non-corporate account.


    Food Mill allows you to keep track of your purchases (including non-food items), and tells you where you've spent your money. You can track your purchases on a per-store basis, so you can determine not only where you've bought your groceries, but how much you have spent at each store.

    You can also see a complete history of pricing changes for each product you've purchased at each store.

    Supports barcode scanning.

    Provides reports that tell you:

    1) How much you've spent at each store.
    2) Where you bought individual items.
    3) The frequency with which you buy specific items.

    While shopping, you can compare prices of products you are going to buy among all the stores you have shopped at before.

    When you scan a barcode while shopping, Food Mill tells you the lowest price you have paid for that item at that store, and the lowest price you have paid for that item at other stores.

    Food Mill allows you to save your shopping data on The O'Bryan Corporation servers, providing an off-site backup of your data.

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