Use FoodWiz in the Supermarket or at home to read Product barcodes, and find out if products match your lifestyle. FoodWiz improves your shopping experience by quickly displaying what you want to know about products. Simply point the camera on the Phone at a Product barcode, and the FoodWiz App will instantly display information on the lifestyle choices selected.

Use the FoodWiz App to avoid or select foods based on allergen content, or select foods for ethical reasons. In association with Allergy UK, Asda, and Tesco, the FoodWiz App provides information on over 60,000 retail products sold in the UK. Updates to the database are made everyday.

Once you have created an account with, you can create multiple profiles for the whole family, and download the database directly to your Phone. You can use FoodWiz on the Phone when you have no signal or WiFi connection, as all the information is stored directly on your Phone.

FoodWiz includes patented mobile information technology to deliver and compress the database stored on the Phone to less then 12mb.

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