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    Shows in-season fruits and vegetables for europe by month and all the nutritional information you might need.
    Shows calories, proteins, fat, vitamins etc.

    This is done with a simple design that lets you navigate back and forth between months and click on each vegetable / fruit, when you have clicked the vegetable or fruit it will show the nutritional value in that vegetable or fruit

    Includes most of the fruits and vegetables you will find in the european market.

    Great tool to bring with you when you go shopping for produce, be it vegetables or fruits.
    Since it allows you to see nutritional values that you otherwise wouldn't have, while browsing for the freshest vegetables and fruits.

    Buying in-season tastes better and is a lot cheaper, and often better for the environment!

    It will show you seasonal fruits and vegetables when you are shopping for groceries at your local produce shop.

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