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    Don't you want to get only best deal coupon without any other information mail or junk mail after that from shop site forever ??

    Or you have never taken coupon, however you are interested in to get lots of coupons from restaurants, grocery shops, hair salons and car dealers etc…

    because of you tired of many business mail and junks.

    You could get only coupon what you want and save your money!!

    〈How to Use〉
    ① Get Free mail address
    (From Yahoo, Gmail etc...)
    This address is going to be your address for this app.
    Place that be sent business mail

    ② Register this e-mail address to '1PushCoupon'

    ③ Set the initial setting

    〈Basic Operation〉
    ① Scan QR code (barcode)

    ② Send back blank mail to coupon site

    ③ You just wait be sent best deal coupon to you!!

    Now enjoy your best deal life!!

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