Gifts Advices and List



Still undecided what gifts to buy?

Try "Gifts Advices and List"! This app allows you to:
- get advice on personalized gifts based on gender, age, relationship, occasion and price range
- create the list of gifts to organize your purchases

The feature "Advice" allows you to select gender, age and relationship (friend, colleague, husband, wife ..) of the person you want to make the gift, as well as the anniversary (birthday, Christmas, anniversary ..) and the price range.
You'll get personalized advice for every occasion!

The list feature allows you to create a list of people you want to give gifts (eg at Christmas). For each one, you can enter one or more gifts (always relying upon any advice) and note whether they were purchased or not.

Remember you can use this app, not only for Christmas, but for all occasions that you want!

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