Effective and simple application, which shows, for the day and by region, the list of restaurants, pubs and cafes where you can enjoy discounts JoyMe card.

About JoyMe card:
A. JoyMe special card which gives the best discount from 40 restaurants, pubs and cafes (as a first step the northern region was selected and soon broadened to the center and south).
Two. JoyMe gives a discount of half price for each account up to 100 or 50 ₪ ₪ discount on any account over 100 ₪ each purchase in restaurants, pubs and coffee shops participating in this venture. That is, account ₪ 80 receive a discount of half price and pay ₪ 40, ₪ 130 account are a discount of 50 ₪ and pay ₪ 80.
Three. In short, 50% discount on the - 100 ₪ first bill. (PS - two businesses located at the Technion and Haifa University, and by filling subsidized prices, the benefit is on the - 30 ₪ ₪ first instead of 100).
Four. JoyMe optimized magnetic card funds all businesses participating in this venture.
Five. JoyMe card valid 3 months from first use.
6. During Expiration can be enjoyed from three times a discount at a restaurant, pub and cafe.
Seven. That is, total maximum utilization assumptions: 40 Business 3 times X 50 ₪ ₪ 6,000 discount = discount.
Eight. It is important to emphasize, is that whoever JoyMe card and so can be transferred between family members and friends.
Nine. Any business will be added to the list which applies to cards used.
10th. You can now enjoy discounts JoyMe cities: Haifa, Iscariot, Upper Nazareth, Nazareth, Afula and Ramat Yishai - and soon: Acre, Zichron Yaakov, Yokneam, Nahariya, Dali Carmel, Shefa Amr and Kafr Yasif.
11th. site a list of business and every business day of the week in which you can enjoy the benefit.
Start spending big time 
For more details, group S.a.i. P. Ltd: +972-4-6477666 /

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