Do you want to get rewarded for shopping at the places you love to shop? LiveLoyal does just that. Sign-up for loyalty programs offered by your favorite local merchants with the simple click of the button. You'll never need to remember to carry around all those loyalty cards anymore; your phone will keep track of it all for you. Earn points just for shopping where you love and use those points on all kinds of different rewards offered by the stores. You also get exclusive access to LiveLoyal only deals, news, and special events to the stores that you actually care about, without overloading your inbox or using expensive text messages. It's time that you get rewarded for your loyalty and start saving money.

    LiveLoyal is currently operating as a public Beta in the Chicagoland area only. Feel free to sign up for LiveLoyal by registering within the application and be the first in your area to learn about great loyalty programs and discounts at your favorite places! Download LiveLoyal now and start saving today!