Lovelyluxury is luxury online store register in Singapore under Acra Register (53198062J)) on 2011. The rapid growth of the company ,we now has been register under Malaysia Goverment SSM register JM0647639-V to provide a services to Malaysia too.

We are a professional and reliable merchandiser direct purchase our product from EURO and USA, because of the product from Home Country, we able to provide an un-original price to our client. All our product fixture here is lower than ASIA retailer up to 30-50%.

She just a lady love in collection bag and travelling. With her good-natured and like to sharing character she manage to develop very acquainted relationship with client in handbag business line. The business started from small Face book group since 2011 and now growing up to have own register company with turnover up to RM80,000 on 2012. She also has invited by Malaysia Newspaper for free interview with her creative business concept, so you can buy with confidence.

Our Product 100% confident is direct from EURO and USA, and guarantee Authentic and Brand New. counterfeit goods are illegal. With long term business plan we won't run any business against the rules of public. You will happy and confident to us when the item arriving on your hand.

Sharing is a key. We rely our growing mostly from referral. Share with your friend about us we confident you will happy to deal with us.