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1. An innovative digital shopping system will transform mobile phones into highly interactive personal shopping experience.
2. Helps consumers to get advantage of e-shopping and traditional shopping.
3. Mobile commerce (m‐Commerce) is creating entirely new opportunities for both mobile devices and services.
4. A process in which listings of goods (camera, books, mobile) and services are viewed remotely via electronics means like Android Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or tablets.
5. Customer will select the listed items or goods for purchase and transaction will be completely secure and electronics way through credit card, debit card or online banking (according to client requirement).
6. Consumers across the globe are increasingly swapping crowded stores for one-click convenience, as online shopping becomes a safe and popular option.
7. To shop while in the comfort of your own home, without having to step out of the door.
8. To be able to easily save money and compare prices from website to website.