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"You don't know how to percentages? But want to buy or sell something? And you want calculate discounts as fast as me? You can learn it! Till then use me! ;) I can help. And I'm free. I have no in-app advertisment, and no hidden data collecting services. It is fun for me to do math. And for you to shop? So let's do it together."
-- Mr. Red, 21.04.2012

Mr. Red has different names:
* percentage calculator
* discount-calculator
* percent of discount calculator
* percent calculator

If you like shopping but don't like math maybe Mr.Red is the right friend?

Mr. Red helps you to calculate quickly the final price will be after applying the store's discount.

* native app.
* fast.
* easy to use.
* calculates sale/discount.
* free.
* no ads.
* scroll down to result.
* real-time calculation.
* splash-screen.

* englisch
* german
* russian

[!] if you need support for another language or a new feature then write on Mr.Reds wall:


v. 1.0.1:
+ added support for german and russian.
+ supports now different screensizes and SDKs.

v. 1.0.2:
+ added splashscreen

v. 1.04
+ fixed layout of the splash-screen
+ added the option to disable the splashscreen
+ added fields with more explanation of the calculation

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