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    ☆ Create a wishlist of your wishes and fulfill them all!

    MyWishBoard is a modern and very handy tool that helps you create your perfect wishlist. Dream and create new wishes on-the-go while shopping, walking around or travelling!

    By using MyWishBoard, you can:
    ✓ Create a list of your most precious dreams and flesh them out with details and beautiful pictures.
    ✓ Share your wish list with friends and family by sending them a direct link or via social networks.
    ✓ Label your dreams for specific occasions (Birthday, Christmas, etc.).
    ✓ Add links to online shops where certain items can be purchased.
    ✓ Discover your friends’ desires and pick the perfect gifts for them.
    ✓ Discuss the ideas in comments.
    ✓ Surf through lists of other users and get inspiration for new wishes.

    MyWishBoard is integrated with most popular social networks and allows you to share dreams and nice gift ideas with friends.

    Try MyWishBoard and see how fun and easy dreaming can be!

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