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Napkin Calculator is not like other bill splitting apps. Other bill splitters will take the total amount of your bill and divide it between the number of people, this isn't always fair.

Napkin Calculator will split a bill and take into consideration that people have had different meals. This app can be used when going for a meal at a restaurant which has an offer or promotion. It will always calculate the bill fairly.

For example, if two people go for a meal, one has a salad at £7 and the other has a steak at £15. Using a buy-one-get-one-free offer the total bill would be £15, it is not fair to split this in half or the salad costs the first person £7.50. Napkin Calculator calculates a fair contribution for each person to pay based upon what they ate.

------Example Bill------
Adam: SALAD @ £7
Bob: STEAK @ £15
TOTAL: £15

Adam pays: £4.77
Bob pays: £10.23

Napkin Calculator is ideal for students or anyone who seeks out a bargain for a meal out.

Napkin Calculator will work in English (UK & US), French, Spanish, Italian and German.

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