Neewer 0.45x 52mm Reviews



Reviews - Neewer 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens with Macro
Product reviews and customer ratings for Neewer 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens . Read and compare experiences customers have had with Neewer Lens.
The camera's angle of view multiply the camcorder, digital/video camera by 0.45 times, which more than doubles the angle of view of the camera. Great for landscapes or recording in situations where a little creative curvature of field , it is wanted for a certain style.

This unique lens works on ALL Cameras & Camcorders with 52mm size Lens Filter thread!!!

This excellent lens can be separated in two pieces (unscrewed): macro part and wide angle part. So you can use it both ways: like macro lens (without wide angle part) and like wide angle with macro together! This is a very unique feature of this lens for its price. So for the price of only ONE lens you are getting TWO!

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