NFC Biergarten



NOTE: This is a demo app and is meant to be started via NFC - the app will not work if not correctly initialized...

Yet another showcase app from hybris. Demonstrates how hybris' ecommerce platform can also be used to order food and drinks at a biergarten or any other restaurant. It demonstrates close to realtime end to end communcation via Android C2DM and WebSockets (via Google Channels).

! This is a demo app !

How to use it:
- get some NFC tags, e.g. NTAG203 or Mifare Ultralight C
- open the app, open the menu, select write tables
- give your beergarden/restaurant a name, have it sent via email or take the URL down
- select a table to begin writing your first NFC tag for a restaurant table

- touch the tag to open the app and display the menu
- press order
- while doing this: keep a browser window open with the URL of your restaurant (see write tables screen)
- watch orders come in, change status of orders, etc.