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NEWs @ 2012-03-15: APP updated to v1.07
NEWs @ 2012-03-10: released version for opencart 1.5.x.

osCommerce openCart Catalog is a Android Application that allows to browse web shops based in osCommerce and openCart ecommerce shops using the native Android interface.

If you only want to browse the catalog of some stores/shops that already have this system, just install the app and browse them.

If you like the concept but the app its bad and could be better, please let us know about your sugestions.

If you are a Store/Shop owner you need to read bellow.


In order to get information about your products, categories and other catalog data, you need to install a software package in your webserver.

So you need to download it from our site, and upload and configure it in your webserver, before anyone can use this app to view your catalog.

It is secure to use, as it doesnt mess with your system.
In general the software does not write in your catalog tables or file system.

The exception its the opencart as it uses the settings table as any other module, and create image thumbs in the cache folder, so the integration its a litle bit more than the oscommerce version.

Know problems:

The charcter encoding of some html entities, and some non asci standart charcters may break the app flow.

To solve this we need to colect information about problematic instalations to organize a new version that allows the selection of the correct charcter encoding for most environments.

Use our site for each version of the api to advise us about problems or send sugestions.

There are some e-commerce instalations that doesnt work well. The problems are usualy solved at web server side.
If you have problems setting up your store contact us for free help by email. You are welcome.



To be available in the Android Application the Opencart Store need to run our API in the webserver.

The FREE API is available to download at:

Opencart 1.4.x

> http://www.opencartandroid.com/files/aoc14api000.zip

Opencart 1.5.x

> http://www.opencartandroid.com/files/aoc15api000.zip

See our site for more info at:




To be available in the Android Application the osCommerce shop need to run our API in the webserver.

The FREE API is available to download at:


See our site for more info at:


I notice that there are some instalations of this app, some coments and some bad classification.

Thats good and I suppose that I must tank you for the coments, and retribute with improvements in the app.

Please understand that if you want your shop to be available to browse in this android aplication you need the API instaled in your store.

Please take a look at our sites to know more about this project.


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