With the large number of loyalty programs on the market today, it can get a little overwhelming for people to keep track of loyalty points and rewards. It's also a hassle carrying
around loyalty cards and punch cards for every store.

Instead, with QRewardz's patent-pending application, you can now do away with membership cards and loyalty punch cards!

QRewardz is a smartphone application with which you can collect stamps/rewards and also be able to use QCash, a revolutionary way to pay for items/ services in your favorite stores!

**Those without smartphones fear not, it works with regular phones too!

Please visit www.QRewardz.com to learn more about the application and how to use it.

How to Use

1. Stamp Saving
- Within the application, scan QR code printed from receipt printer
- That's it! Just confirm the stamp/reward and the application does the rest!

2. QCash
- A revolutionary way to pay for the items/services you use everyday!
- At participating stores, pay for any amount of QCash up $100, after which a QR code will then be printed.
- Scan the QR code within the application, and it will automatically provide you with that same amount in QCash!
- No more need to carry around cash!
- No more need to take money out of ATM's and deal with ATM fees!
- Safer than carrying around your wallet, the application is password protected!

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