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    With three configurable TAX options to quickly change from one to the other, great for people who travel or need to calculate TAX in different cities.

    Sales Tax / VAT Calculator is a handy calculator that will display sale price, tax and total in real time as you enter values and make calculations. Find out the exact price to pay for an item with a discount using the built in discount calculator. The absolutely best calculator for shopping and sales people, including memory functions to keep a running total.

    This is a very simple to use sales tax calculator that only requires the price and the rate of sales tax usually once. The app would save the sales tax rate for you so you would not need to enter it every time. You then get both the full price and the amount of tax of your item and you are good to go! You can now calculate the tax and total of multiple items!

    Now you can also label the prices you have added to the shopping list!
    It's a simple tax or tip calculator with a shopping list. You can lock or unlock the tax value on demand. If unlocked then the calculator is calculating the tax of the other two values. It has numerous settings to satisfy your needs. Items can be added or removed from the shopping list. Now you can also label the prices you have added to the shopping list, so you know exactly how much every item costs. When you're finished with shopping you can send the sum to the calculator and calculate the price including tax.

    - Calculates Sales TAX and Total values as you enter values or make calculations
    - Haptic Feedback
    - Formatted for financial calculations
    - Quickly choose between 3 configurable tax settings. Great for traveling!
    - Rounding Option: Calculate TAX using natural or rounding down TAX result
    - Briefly show your TAX settings at startup
    - Customize colors for Text and Background. Show your team spirit or your own style!!
    - Enter your own TAX ID labels to whatever you want
    - Easy to use one TAX ID to calculate Tips!
    - Deduct the tax from a total price to find the pre-TAX price.
    - Includes built in Memory functions.
    - Pre-set or custom discount calculator allows you to find the final price after discount, including TAX!

    For questions, suggestions or bug reports email me.

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