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Welcome to the Shop Local app. The Shop Local app will help you find products faster, buy them locally, save money, and get what you want sooner.

Stores are great at tempting you to buy products in their store at a whim. These impulse buys may not be the best deals, since you may not know what it cost at other stores around you. The Shop Local app lets you check prices at stores near you before you buy. Just enter the product name, or scan the products barcode using your smart phones camera, and the Shop Local app will show you the prices at other stores near you so you can find the best deal. The Shop Local app will show you the store location nearest you, give you a map with directions, and the phone number of the store to confirm the price and check the store’s inventory.

Have you seen a product on TV that looks great, and want to check if it’s at your favorite local store? Many times you’ll have your smart phone handy, while your PC isn’t convenient to use at that time. Just use the Shop Local app from the comfort of your couch, or chair, or bar stool, and find out who’s selling that cool product near you.

The Shop Local app focuses on searching for products at your favorite stores located near you. Many shopping search engines will give lots of results, many of which are for internet stores that you may not know or trust. With the Shop Local app, you choose the stores in your area you would like to search, and filter the results for those stores. No scrolling through long lists of stores you don’t want, no ads cluttering the screen, only what you want. You will then have a store you trust with the product you want. No need to enter all you personal and financial information to buy the product online. No need to wait weeks for the product to show up. No need to pay expensive shipping fees.

Once you find the product in the store, you may have a hard time comparing the prices of products when they are put in different size containers. With the compare feature, you can compare products that use different size containers, with different units of measures. Compare one product given in gallons, to another product in quarts, or another product in liters, and find out which is the least expensive in a common unit of measure.

Here are some of the stores you can search using Shop Local:
Department stores: Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, Loehmanns
Electronics stores: Best Buy, CompUSA
Sports stores: Sports Authority, REI, Road Runner Sports, Eastern Mountain Sports, Champs Sports, Goftsmith, Columbia Sportswear, Foot Locker, Sun and Ski Sports
Office supplies: Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax
Home stores: Home Depot, Lowe’s

The Shop Local app lets you
- Search for products from anywhere
- Compare prices at different stores
- Compare prices of product in different size containers
- Find store location and phone number
- Buy local
- Get products faster
- Save on shipping costs

Features of this app include
- Select stores to search
- Use GPS to find closes store
- Specify Zip Code
- Specify City and State
- Scan product barcode for search
- Enter product to search
- Save your favorites
- History of search terms
- Compare product prices
- No advertisement

We Hope you enjoy using this application and it helps you save money and time

Hint for using the Shop Local app:
- To speed up searches, only select the stores you wish searched
- For best results scanning barcodes, made sure the barcode is in focus, and the barcode is
centered in the image

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