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    Shopper Helper

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    Shopper Helper is designed to help you, the shopper, manage your various shopping lists.

    - Make lists for gifts/other shopping needs
    - Records which shops you see selling what item
    - Tells you the cheapest place to get an item
    - Keeps track of total costs for each list
    - Allows you to tick off items when you purchase them
    - Tells you when you've finished a list
    - Recommends what you need to buy at what store, calculated by the cheapest store you entered for each item
    - Links to a store's website when clicked and when store URL given
    - Sharing via Facebook and Twitter

    Making lists:
    1. Click "LIST" from the home menu
    2. Click "NEW LIST"
    3. Enter name of your list and press "OK"
    4. Click your new list from that screen
    5. Click "ADD ITEM"
    6. Enter the name of the item and press "OK"
    7. Click the item from that screen
    8. Click "ADD STORE"
    9. Enter the store name and price of the item at this store. This is to keep track of prices and to calculate your cheapest option.
    10. You may continue to build your list and add more.

    Ticking off items:
    1. Click "SHOP" from the home menu
    2. Click "TICK OFF"
    3. You will now see the lists you have made
    4. Click which you want to tick off
    5. As you procure each item, click them on this screen and a little green arrow will appear to indicate this
    6. When you've ticked all the items a green tick will appear over the list to indicate it's complete

    Shopping at stores:
    Note: You need to have entered store options for your items
    1. Click "SHOP" from the home menu
    2. Click "STORES"
    3. Click the store which you wish to shop at
    4. You will see a list of your items where this store was cheapest to purchase them. They will not appear on alternative stores. You may click on these items when procured to tick them off your list

    See screenshots for additional help and examples.