For over years, SIMADRE has been providing customers with highly stable and top quality products at competitive prices. Our machines are comparable to famous brands and much affordable to your economical needs.

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"While Simadre plasma cutters are lesser known than name brands like Miller, Esbab or Lincoln, studies and reviews have shown that these plasma cutting machines are not only reliable but much more affordable. Most Simadre brand cutters have many of the same features as more expensive plasma cutting machines, and come with a one year warranty from their prospective sellers. If you're in the market for a dependable plasma cutter that won't break the bank or out you in the doghouse, be sure to give a Simadre plasma cutter a try. "

SIMADRE TECHS LLC is one of the earliest seller of Inverter Welding & Cutting equipment in the North America and international markets. We are a High-tech company and specialized in developing, manufacturing and sales of products.

Facing the increased demand and need from our customers, we always strive for ahead times and leading the future by developing better engineering and high stable machines.

Our welding products development is based on inverter technology, and this has now largely replaced traditional transformer techniques, its inverter frequency can be up to 200KHz, and while this step forward brought the benefits of reduced weight and size.

Now our sales and service nets have covered most of North America, and we are founding overseas sales and service nets. We can look forward to the future and all its technical challenges with primism.

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