Smart ShopList



Smart ShopList is an application to manage your purchases and costs!
Simple and easy to use, with Smart ShopList you can create multiple shopping lists, with many products.
Throughout your purchases and the register of prices Smartshop List will enable you to know in the future the estimated cost of your shopping list, if you are buying a product above or below of the medium price and in the end of shopping you will know how much you will pay.
No bad surprises at the moment of payment! Nothing forgiven at store!
Do your lists! Track your expenses! Save money!
Smart ShopList will help you!

- Send your shopping list by SMS;
- Calculate the estimated cost of your shopping list based on your latest shopping;
- Calculate the total cost of your shopping list;
- Based on your latest purchases you will know if your product is more expensive or you’re saving money;
- Control and track your spending on purchases;
- Keep track of your purchases;
- Enables you to know the average cost of a product;
- Calculate the cost of your shopping list along shopping.

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