Student Shopper Lite



****** Description *****

Student Shopper is an app that helps you budget when going to the supermarket. In the Lite version you can quickly add how much you spent in the supermarket.

Then at the end of the day you can use the Calendar screen to look at how much you have spent and when and whether you have a little bit of extra cash left over that you can spend on text books (alcohol).

****** This is the Lite version *****

Difference between Lite and Full version:

- You have access to the statistics screen that works out and nicely displays how much you were under/over budget for the week/month/year.

- You have access to the Shopping List feature

- You can fully use the Shopping Cart including barcode scanning and live total on your shopping cart as you shop.

- Setting your budget becomes useful.

Currently Supported Currencies:
- British Pound
- Dollar

Barcode Scanner by:
ZXing Barcode Scanner

Calendar Template by:
Wagied Davids Blog

Icons by:
BV Designs

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