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The function description of ‘Supermarket Price Information Platform’:

‘Price Watch’
Consumers can click on each region to choose any product from the 14 product categories. This will show you the lowest prices of each product under that category and where to buy them.

‘Rankings for Supermarkets with Lowest Prices’
This shows which supermarket contains the most number of lowest price products among the 100 surveyed supermarkets. It also helps to compare selling prices of supermarkets in different regions.

The ranking list is updated monthly and shows any movement on the rankings. Supermarkets refer to this list for reference to make price adjustments.

‘ List of products with price differences over 50%’
a list of products among the 350 items from among 100 supermarkets with price differences over 50%, showing their price discrepancies from the greatest to the lowest. Click once more to see which supermarket these products are from.

‘Shopping Basket’
Consumers can simulate shopping by placing their desired items in the shopping basket, and make price comparisons to find supermarkets with the lowest prices.

‘Specific Product Price Platform’
This platform compares prices of groceries under the same product category, especially their different selling prices at various retail outlets, and their price discrepancies. The specific product price survey does not only include supermarkets but also drugstores, the Council also amend the specific product category to be surveyed according to market needs.

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CC Stations,
CC Stations is another application developed by the Consumer Council of Macao , including the Certified Shop, Macao fuel prices , you can press 'enter' to download, if you have downloaded our intelligence station , you can by pressing ' enter' to enter the Information Station.


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