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An app you will love if you have the desire to do "Target Runs."

  • Assortment of Products
  • Aisle Finder
  • Pay with App
  • Not Always Accurate
  • Location Tracking

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"Some Quirks"


An online shopping platform to help you buy things when a Target isn't nearby, or the perfect way to navigate throughout the store and avoid having the overly peppy sales associates.


Upon testing out the app, the ability to locate things is super easy and you can plan your trips ahead of time. Shopping is really easy, especially if you load your Apple Pay or Target RedCard into the app. The images on the app are a great way to see if there is a sweater you love in another print or size in another store - just make sure you zoom in.


Sometimes this app is a bit unreliable with whether or not something is in stock - it can take up to 24 hours for something to removed from the inventory. The app also crashes quite a bit, which can be annoying. Finally, the location is a bit off as it connects to a Target that isn't the one I shop the most often.

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by Noel

Dec 04, 2015

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