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TheSpot917 is about giving people authentic products for exceptional prices!

​In 2009, I was in a FootLocker and observed a family that wanted to purchase Jordan's and Air-maxes for their children, however after realizing the prices were too high, the family left without the sneakers, and the children were upset; One crying, one hanging their head in despair. After that experience, I knew it had to be something that could be done, some way that people can enjoy authentic, top of the line, brand name sneakers, without having to pay ridiculous prices. TheSpot917 fills that need. We started out on eBay selling sneakers as far out as Sweden, London, Paris, many places internationally and domestically in the US. We will have a variety of different products readily available for you regularly. So shop and save with us, happy hunting!
PS. If you couldn't tell by now, we ARE from New York City! Lol.​

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