Really. Seriously. Identity theft and credit card fraud are a buzz kill that lasts a lot longer than the holiday season. So be sure URSEQR with the only mobile payment platform that makes protecting your identity and your credit card information the #1 priority – in the app, on the device, even in our cloud. Because protecting discount divas is our first priority. So uhm...what’s the second? Saving you money, of course!

    SmarterQR™ from Urseqr is a robust, scalable mobile enterprise application platform that lets you scan a special QR, grab your best possible discount, and pay for your products all with the tap of your well polished fingernail. And more...

    Manage those daily deals and personal discounts, tie in your reward and loyalty cards, even pre-pay and pre-order that Lattechino to you get back to shopping as fast as possible. More? We’ll even help you manage your money so you don’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul with MasterCard and Visa.

    In short, we’ve got features and benefits galore in our free app, and for those truly discerning divas that want even more bene’s and perks whether you're a Sheemium or Hemium get on the bandwagon and register for our beta. Learn more about how those discounts can auto-magically add up to undent your holiday wallet, so next year you can spend New Year's knowing URSEQR.

    For retailers Urseqr SmarterQR offers you the best way to move into the exploding m-commerce space- by making sure your holiday BFF's and tweeters stay safe, stay secure, and keep coming back for more great deals on Boxing Day, Valentine's Day or Dawali Day. Because any day a customer feels secure is a clienteling or shopper marketing day that connects you with your prospects and customers more deeply, more intimately, and engages you in a dialogue customers will tweet about, post about and advocate virally.

    Urseqr’s SmarterQR technology platform helps retailers attract and satisfy the needs of security conscious mobile consumers while driving the operational efficiencies that enhance, extend and protect their brand value. From customer engagement to analytics, marketing to supply chain, Urseqr gives retailers the robust, highly secure, mobile-social identity management platform and the insights they need for market leading m-commerce.

    Geek speak: Written in HTML 5, Urseqr’s SmarterQR is cloud based, delivered as a SaaS model, provides the security, scalability and integration API’s to truly connect the dots between your consumer customer and your supply chain. Be sure your m-commerce foundation is solid with the only mobile platform that closes the loop on mobile payment.

    So shopper or merchant, have a great holiday season, and remember Rudolph says Bsure urseqr!

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