WiselyBuyCalc (LowestCalc)



In the shopping, You can select the lowest price commodity compared by the same amount (high/good cost performance).

For example, potato chips 1.3$-85gram and box type 1.7$-105gram, Do you understand soon which is cost-effectiveness? The answer is the latter. Moreover, do you understand 1st lowest commodity what percentage is cheap compared with the 2nd lowest commodity?

This application is a good the cost-effectiveness only each prices of commodity and the amount are sequentially input which commodity, computable ..cheap.., and simple application program.

How to use:
This can compare of 2 to 5 commodities.
Let's input price of first commodity(No1) in "Price1" cell, input quantity (weight, number of pieces, etc... however uniform Quantity1-5 units) of first commodity(No1) in "Quantity1" cell. Likewise, input price of second commodity(No2) in "Price2" cell, input quantity of second commodity(No2) in "Quantity2" cell... sequentially inputs only the required number.
The cell that doesn't input it doesn't care as null or 0.
Last, touch lower "CALC" button, Lowest No is displayed. Moreover, the ratio of the low/following low price is displayed.

It confirmed the operation with SHARP IS03 Android 2.1-u1. This application program was made as a practice of the programming. I'm sorry when there are a bug etc. In that case, when it is possible to report, it is glad. Please acknowledge that I cannot assume the responsibility of all the troubles and the losses caused in this application program.

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