Worth It



Find out the value of your Mickey Mantle autographed baseball.

Maybe you want to know what a fair price is to buy a Mr. Potato Head, NES, Beanie Baby or other antique.

WorthIt is a handy program that will let you quickly determine statistics of any item on eBay.

Whether you are at an estate sale, yard sale, or just found a steal on craigslist check if the item is "Worth It".

Search current or completed listings to determine the high, low, average, and mean price of the item.

WorthIt will quickly provide an interactive histogram and scatter chart (Time vs Price) for each search.

Supports following countries:
eBay Australia (ebay.com.au)
eBay Canada-English (ebay.ca)
eBay Canada-French (cafr.ebay.ca)
eBay UK (ebay.co.uk)
eBay United States (ebay.com)
(please ask if you would like another added)

Please contact me if you have an issue or would like to suggest a feature that you would like included.

Charts are created by AChartEngine library. They do an awesome job. Please help support them as well.

eBay is a registered trademark of eBay Inc. This program is not related to eBay inc.

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