Simple and easy to use shopping list.

    YourBlueList provides a clear interface with which you are able to add the products that you need to buy. While you are shopping, you can interact with the list by marking the products you have added to your basket. YourBlueList displays the products you still have to buy first, and crosses out those which you have already added to your basket.

    As you add products to your basket, as well as marking the product as purchased you can easily indicate the price per unit of an item and therefore calculate the current accumulated cost of the items in your basket.

    When you finish your shopping, you can clear the marked products automatically.

    Products which you have added previously are saved in the history along with the prices you indicated for them, so they are easy to add the next time you go shopping.

    When you add products from your history, the total estimated cost of your shopping will be calculated based on the prices of the products you input the last time you shopped.

    To clear the history you only have to hold down on the product line and a shortcut will appear which allows you to delete the line.
    To help with the development of the application we have placed a banner on the main screen which is why the application requests permission to access the internet when installing.

    What do you like? Is there anything you don’t like? Would you change anything? Thank you for your comments! :D

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