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agilistBB app allows you to browse your favorite forums (supports phpBB3) anywhere anytime for FREE with the ease of your android phone.

This application has all the features listed below-

• Quick download and Fast Start
• Add and browse multiple BB/Forums (phpBB)
• Create/Read Topics anywhere anytime
• Create/Read Posts/Discussions anywhere anytime
• Create a Poll (single and multiple options)
• Participate in the Polls
• Customized Search
• FREE of Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What is agilistBB app?

agilistBB app is an android mobile application for phpBB3
forums add-on that allows your users to access your forum by using a native application installed on their android mobile phone.

Is agilistBB app expensive?

NO, agilistBB app is absolutely FREE for clients and forum owners as well to install on your forums and get listed in our database! We are constantly adding new features to the app daily and you can contact us directly at

What devices does agilistBB app Support?

Currently, agilistBB app supports any Android OS devices. We plan to support other devices such as iPhone, iPad Blackberry and Windows Mobile in the future.

Is It Protected?

The agilistBB app inherits the security framework that your forum provides. If you have banned someone from your site or forum administrator has removed a permission, they will not be able to log into it via this app.

Which BB/Forums Software agilistBB app supports?

Currently, agilistBB app supports phpBB v 3.0.x fully. The application is under constant development and more features will be available soon.

How to get agilistBB app for you own BB/Forum

To access your own Forum on this application you just need to add Agilist web services provided by us to your hosted phpBB3 BB/Forum. Contact to get more information on installation and support.

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