All SNSchecker(twitter,fb,etc)



This app can do more than one post, browse, and search at the same time in SNS. supported SNS is Twitter, Facebook, foursquare,mixi, and Google+ . Please use the search and information, to the diffusion of what you want to convey.

SNS Support
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google+
- Foursquare
- (Also supports emoticons mixi) mixi


- Trend (SNS support:Twitter, mixi)
Get the trend here.

- Post (SNS support: LINE,Twitter, mixi, Facebook, foursquare)
You can select more than one post to SNS, a message written by myself I can be.
In addition, we also support photo posting and mixi emoticons.
During the post by selecting the SNS are available, and
This post is because I just want to tell an acquaintance, just post mixi!
This post is a business-friendly, and posted to Twitter account for your company Facebook!
Use such as is possible.

If foursquare, you can select the location at the time of check is possible.

- Timeline (SNS support: Twitter, mixi, Facebook, foursquare
Be viewed aligned with the time series of multiple SNS registered in the app I am available.

- My page (SNS support: Twitter, mixi, Facebook, foursquare, Google+ )
You can view a list of your posts.

- Search (SNS support: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ )
You can find the post you want to enter a keyword, can be related.

- Comments (SNS support: Twitter, mixi, Facebook)
Balloon that you have pressed the button of various posts, to comment on the message I am available.

- Like it! (SNS support: Twitter, mixi, Facebook)
When you press the yellow button, putting a "Like" for posts that you can be.

- Delete (SNS support: Twitter, mixi, Facebook)
You will be able to delete the post my page, my own.

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