BarTag is a crazy new app that lets you challenge your friends to drink no matter where they are. It takes the idea of ‘checking in’ to a whole new level.

Become an official BarTagger and Tag a friend tonight!!

1. Go to a Bar and order a drink
2. Send a BarTag to your friends
3. Your friends have 24 hours to send a BarTag back or they owe you a drink!

A BarTag contains a picture of you holding a drink, the name of the drink, and the name of the bar. You can include an optional personal message as well.

The receiver has 24 hours to 'Close the Tag' by sending a BarTag back to you. After closing a Tag the friend can 'Share the Round' by sharing the BarTag with someone else.

A new BarTag 'Opens a Round'. A Round 'closes' when the last player in a Round lets his/her BarTag expire or does not Share the Round.

Your Proof of Life is something that identifies you in the BarTag photo. Be creative but consistent when using your Proof of Life in a BarTag. Include your favorite piece of jewelry, flare, or tattoo as a “trademark” in your BarTag.

BarTag is all about socializing and having fun! Hand your phone to a stranger and ask her to take your photo so you can BarTag your friend. It’s an instant conversation starter, and for all you single people out there, it’s probably the best pick up line you’ll use all night!

* Be sure to include your email address AND your mobile number in your profile. This will ensure that your friends will be able to BarTag you.
* Connect your account with your Facebook account. This lets you use your Facebook photo on BarTag and you can choose to post your BarTags to your Wall.
* You can only BarTag people that are in your phone's contact list.
* If a Place or Drink is not already in the list just enter it and select it. We'll verify it and add it the the database.

If you enjoy playing BarTag please take a minute to rate and review it. If you have any comments, suggestions, raves, or complaints please contact us directly at We love hearing from you.

Now that you know all about BarTag... Go Have a Drink!!

Team BarTag

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