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Pub Crawl, Beer Run, Bar Tour – whatever you call it, Beer Crawler will entertain you and your friends along the way. It is the original Pub or Bar Crawl App which allows you to track your progress, and that of your friends, on crawls set up by you, or others. Track your drink consumption and thoughts on each pub and bar, and compare these with your friends as you go along! The in-built drunkenness tester, together with Facebook integration, provides for a fun day out even when the beer isn’t up to scratch!

If you are joining a Beer Crawl set up by someone else, all you need is the Beer Key to get going. Otherwise, why not set up your own Beer Crawl and invite others to join you!
Beer Crawler has the following features:
• Create your own crawl or join someone else’s.
• Check-in to each place (choose between pub/bar/café/club, food stop/restaurant, transport mode/walk/train/bus, or other).
• Comment on each place, and on your feeling.
• Add drinks from a default list (including lager, cider, ale, wine, cocktails, spirits, liquers), or add your own custom drinks.
• Set reminders to leave each place on time.
• Perform a reaction-time/accuracy drunkenness test in each place to measure approximate intoxication.
• View all your friends’ progress.
• Compare your friends’ drunkenness on a graph over time.
• Chat with your friends with an in-built chat feature.
• Notifications for quick access to frequently used functions
• Android Wear support for adding drinks, remarks and feelings and for checking-in.
• Share your current progress on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks etc.
• Send an email of the day or night’s progress.
• Off-line use is supported for those cellar bars or country pubs with no data-connection.
• Nice swipe action feature to move between pages.
• View old crawls stored on your phone to remind you of the (hopefully) good memories (in case you can’t remember them for some reason!)

Please help improve this app by emailing if you come across any issues, telling us the BeerKey, Username and any other details of any problems.

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