Bluejabb IM for Facebook chat



A full Facebook Chat Client
Preserve your anonymity with TOR and encrypt your chats with OTR

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. Multiple accounts management support
. Connect on start up to a default account
. Use Dropbox for file transfer
. Setup login status, logout message, resource and priority


. Manage a black list locally
. Set a contact as VIP
. Set notification on presence standard/VIP contact status change (Popup alert, sound, vibrate,. . . )
. Sort your roster by status
. Contacts multiple selection mode for "group commands" (Send message, Search VCard, . . . )
. Group contacts by status
. Customizable quickbar
. Set a predefined command on long press on a contact


. Use Dropbox for transfer media content
. Set notification on message reception from standard/VIP contact (Popup alert,Sound, vibrate, Jump to conversation, . . . )
. Multiple display format : Bubble, classic, . . .

. Dark and Light theme
. Share message, link or media received by IM
. Create predefined messages
. Archive conversations locally
. Launch internet browser if a message/conversation contains an URL or forward it to ReadItLater
. Display directly a received multimedia file (image/audio/video) in a simple message and conversation
. Data low consumption mode
. Data counter management
. Archive locally your account contacts
. Automatically reconnect when connection is accidentally lost. Active conversations will be automatically restored
. Import your profile (Vcard+Avatar)
. Customizable user interface (Screen transitions, fonts, icon size . . . . )
. Customizable shortcuts menu
. Set your presence status globally
. Setup auto-away timeout, status and text
. Send predefined SMS to contacts when your online
. Items saved in a history for later use (Status texts,. . . )
. Add and customize background notifications for events needing acknowledge(Add contact, file transfer, errors, . . . )

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