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. Tab-based User interface:Home time line, Media home time line,Direct messages, Mentions, ,Retweet of me,Your tweets, Lists, Text search, User search, Followers, Followings, and Favorites.
. Customize user interface (Screen transitions, fonts, icon size, zoomed list's item, virtual keyboard, scrolling . . . . )
. Multiple items list selection for grouping commands
. Internal text/image clipboard
. Access device's system text clipboard
. Customize header bar for each service
. Display/hide bottom menu bar
. Customizable shortcuts menu
. Create predefined messages
. Archive contacts, conversations, multimedia content and files in your handset
. Built-in smiley support
. Build-in Media HTTP downloader for URLs embedded in messages which allows you to directly download and display multimedia content pointed by URLs
. Forward link to ReadItLater
. Put any content on DropBox and share it by link
. Upload media on Tweeter media provider (Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog) or DropBox and paste link in a tweet or direct message)
. Create draft message and send it when connected
. Data low consumption mode available
. Data counter management available
. Set you location with GPS or manually
. API 1. 1 ready
. Multiple accounts management support
. Customizable action on connection : None,Refresh,Start polling and restore state
. Import/Edit/Export your profile
. Create local groups for sorting tweets
. Set colors to local groups
. Mute/Unmute users and keywords (Locally block)
. Customize your UI by adding/removing tabs
. Quick bar when select tweet with customizable commands
. Set a predefined command on long press on tweet and user
. Activate/Deactivate automatic polling
. Set notification on tweet/direct message reception (Popup alert,Sound, vibrate,. . . )
. Set a notification when a VIP following send a tweet
. Add and customize background notifications
. Optionally start automatic polling when Bluejabb goes to background
. Optionally process operations in background mode
. Display direct messages as conversations
. Remove your tweets, retweets and messages on twitter
. View retweeters of a tweet
. View replies to a tweet or a user
. Post tweet on ReadItLater site for later use
. Launch GMap on located tweets
. Browse entities inside a tweet (@user,#text,links,. . . . )
. Show conversation if tweet is part of a conversation
. Multiple media uploader Twitter, Twitpic, Plixi, Twitvid, YFrog
. Multiple built-in media viewver: Twitter, Twitpic, Yfrog ,img. ly , Plixi , Instagram and Youtube
. Add/remove favorites. Block/unblock/Report as spammer a user
. Browse user : tweets ,media tweets, followers, followings, common followings, favorites, profile and and launch GMaps on location
. Set a following as VIP
. Multiple favorites,followers,list members and tweets add/removal with multiple selection mode
. Gap home timeline detector with customizable time lapse
. Clickable links, hashtags and mentions in expanded mode
. Display available requests count and warning user if remaining count is low
. Share or archive DM or tweet conversations
. Optionally display media in 4/3 format in media time lines
. Send a location tweet with a link to your map image location
. Display remaining requests regarding to current rate limits for each time line


. Complete saved searches management
. Advanced search dialog : include text, exclude text, by user, by location, . . .
. Search tweets around your position (From GPS or set manually)
. Trends: Choose your location and get local trends
. User search and suggested users


. Complete list management: add/remove member, set public/private list, share list
. Follow/unfollow/Share/View members/View followers other user's lists
. Make your own other users list

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