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This add-on will connect all your Facebook surfing fun! Once you’ve logged in, you can easily touch base with your Facebook Friends while browsing the Net...

More Facebook extras...

[*] You will be notified when you receive notifications, messages and friend requests...
[*] Share your status immediately...
[*] Share links and comments…
[*] Share images and comments...
[*]Several options when setting the sync interval with Facebook...
[*] Disable notifications at any time you choose!

With this add-on, you will never miss interesting content with your friends on Facebook. With one click, all your new notifications will be shown in a small window. When you have new notifications, there will be a red number indicated in the top-right hand corner of the add-on icon.

!! Please note that the “Boat FBAdd-on” can only be used with Boat Browser V5.0 and above.
Find Boat Browser on the Google Play Store...

All Boat Browser Add-Ons can be accessed in the Side Toolbar after installation.
You can also manage your Add-Ons by launching “Menu”->”Add-Ons”

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Our Add-Ons are “lightweight” and “fully customizable” in the Side Toolbar!

Any questions or concerns, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We are committed to providing you with the best browsing tools available...

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