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Boat TweetNotification Add-on is an exclusive add-on for Boat Browser, which is used to get real-time twitter notifications and send tweet in boat browser.
Boat TweetNotification Add-on supports six kinds of notification types:
* tweets
* mentions
* retweets
* favorites
* messages
* new followers
According to the twitter website, these six notification types divided into four categories:
1. Home (tweets)
2. Connect (mentions, retweets, favorites)
3. Message (message)
4. Follower (new followsers)

Click different category will open corresponding web page, and you need to login the twitter website (mobile version) at first.

With Boat TweetNotification Add-on, you can contact with the world closely, get real-time notifications, expressing yourself with photos and comments. You will not miss stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration when you are surfing on the web.

Try it out and have fun! You can find Boat Browser here:

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