Find out everything you never knew about your social life.

Bragger’s unique technology brings together calls, text and facebook data for the most surprising and revealing analysis of your social relationships ever. Beware: Bragger's results are eerily accurate. The stats are split into 3 sections:

<< You >> How cool are you? How do you communicate? Are you more interested in men or women? Are you a day or a night person? Which starsigns are into you?

<< Friends >> Bragger ranks your friends, and tells you who’s moving up, and who’s moving down. Bragger provides a detailed bio on each of your friends.

<< Relationships >> Are you whipped? Pick someone from your contacts, and analyze the relationship. See how your phone and facebook habits can tell you who is dominant in a relationship, and why.

Please note: you need an active Facebook account to use Bragger, and it works best if installed on the phone that you use for your usual calls and text.

Enjoy and remember - it's just your social life.

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