This is a simple Buddypress client. If configured properly, it will allow you to post status updates to your Buddypress install. It also has a simple RSS reader for your sitewide activity feed where you can comment on, share and delete feed items.

This app is still in beta - please visit the support thread here:


to discuss.

Step 1: (Webmaster) Install the BuddyPress XML-RPC receiver plugin for Wordpress here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-xml-rpc-receiver/
Step 2: (Webmaster) Activate and configure above plugin via wp-admin under Settings->BuddyPress XML-RPC
Step 3: (App User) Add your website (root path, e.g. http://www.site.com/), username, and password to the Preferences screen in this app.

Once you have done these steps correctly, you should be able to interact with your BuddyPress activity stream.


- posts updates to stream
- view feed of latest updates with nested comments
- filter feed in various ways
- delete, comment on, and share posts via long-click on feed
- view user profiles by clicking on avatars
- view, delete, mark read/unread, and reply to private messages
- join and leave groups
- friend and unfriend
- send and read private messages
- allows importing plain text / links from other apps
- option to check for and show Buddypress notifications in notification drawer

This software is free and open source, under the GPL v3 license. For more info please visit: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

Source code is available on GitHub:



- Wordpress, Buddypress, Android, et al
- Koushik Dutta for URLImageViewHelper
- Jake Wharton for ActionBarSherlock
- Jeremy Feinstein for SlidingMenu

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