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Catena is an anonymous and location based instant chat client. There are no logins, no account creation and no need for a username. The service is entirely free-for-all and fully functional the instant you install it.

As a user you are free to remain completely anonymous or, alternatively, you can give yourself a unique user ID. You also decide for yourself how close others must be in order to see their messages.

Find instant messaging boring? Struggling to reach people? All fresh chat clients are slow to start with, that's why I added map markers called Broadcasts. Broadcasts let you post a semi-permanent message on the global map for anyone else to see. Why not mark that spot where your bike was stolen? Or the place where you met your partner?

Finally, Catena is currently in Beta stage. This means that the client is completely free but still in testing. Please give me plenty of bug reports, but no whining!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Catena!

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