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★★★ Chapter is the best Shared Journaling app for couples!
★★ Chapter is like an Evernote for two!
★ Chapter captures and organizes all the intimate moments between couples!

== You wanted to write a shared Diary/Journal with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
== You thought that Facebook timeline is never as organized as Evernote does?
== You thought that you can't express the true "YOU" on Facebook, Twitter or even Path?
== You fell in love with someone but never dare to speak out?
== You always wanted to have a "Life journal" that captures every beautiful and lovely moment in your life?

If YES! Then why not try Chapter shared journal/diary app, to solve all your problems between couples!

Features include:
★ Pair up with your favorite person and share the life path together!
★ Creates private timeline between you and your lovely couple partner by uploading moods on stickers for free!
★ Comment on his/her sticker and get notifications about your lovely partner's updates instantly!
★ Create "Chapter" of your life and fill them with your precious stickers of moment!
★ Love Chapter if you are in long distance relationships!
★ All your personal data are safe with the cloud server and private only for you!
★ Keep all stickers organized in the way you want just as Evernote does!
★ Various patterns to choose for stickers, you will always find your favorite ones for your shared journal/diary!
★ Instantly share your thoughts between you and your lovely partner on this shared journal/diary!

Chapter is very different from other apps made for couples such as Couple, Between, Avocado or Pair. Chapter is very focused on writing a shared journal together! remember all those precious moments along the path in life.

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Now, Pair up with the one who you care the most, share moments only between two of you and create your personalized Chapter book now!

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